Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out for a little fun on new years eve.

Asa and Vincent just reviewing the shots. Vin locked a solid 5-0 bs 3 0ut. He said it was the first one he ever tried... Could have fooled me.

Vincent Happy. Tim Happy. they just seem to have different ways of showing it. Goodbye Tim have fun on all your travels, and Vincent get that crab on the pot I'm coming over for dinner.

Monday, December 29, 2008

just some updates.

Strait Badasses!
This week Rome riders Nicki Weiss and Johnny Lazz sraight got nasty. Watch out for these two this year! fuk yeah! Bloodied but not beaten!
Johnny ready to drop and His homie Kyle Earl Came out and landed damn fine tricks too.
Asa needs new jib boards and now he can just go to the factory. Smokin Snowboards now rep's Asa Martinez since Sapient is now going under. Smokin makes a damn good board I heard.
Truly Hand made near Tahoe. but handmade none the less. seeing that shit makes me want to ride handmade boards forever. it is truly an awesome site to see a snowboard made.
Nicki and Friends, Ethan and Sam after a long hike. but a good reward too! someone has photos i'll find'em.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Jonny Lazz, Middle finger in tha air, screamin FUK tha Police.

Jonny Lazz Welcome to NCp. This is how his first filming trip of the season went.

We had the intention of hitting a sweet double set that we knew about. It was really the only thing on our list of todo's for the day, but our plans were soon foiled.
oh yes, rails can be touchy situation. but mostly the bust was pretty chill except we were all ready to go. cameras set up and all.
top angle to the double line. the second one is a nasty DFD that a few big dogs have hit before.
so were of to a new spot.
SNAP! Busted.
Holy shit we actually had a few shots at the Lawler ledge smack in the middle of the day. this one's tricky, maybe another time. yes busted again.
one more shot and once again, just about shooting time and here comes the man. This one rode a high horse too. boi, you couldn't even talk to this dood. I wonder what some of these asshole's real lives must be like.
Fuck This. and Fuck That. all and all we were at 5 spots today and got nuthing. Every cop said it was cause Jumps are always left up and people never clean up after jibbing. Well god dammit this seems like an easy solution... Learn the rules leave the damn place cleaner than when you came or shit gets fucked up for everyone!!!! sorry guys i was just pissed.

Asa's Junkyard fun.

Asa Is one crafty guy. Who knows whats goin on in that mind of his??? crazy little wall ride. It wasn't the best feature for video, but it sure made for some damn good photos. Creative angles by TP. obviously these arn't those photo's goof.
Yes Ashley got her first banger too! there were other features too, but the blog cammer died.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Supermodel status

Jrob 1st published photo, definatly not the last.

Well Jason finally got his first shot published in Snowboarder . I thought wall rides were out but we did one anyway and boom thats that shot that runs. Keep it up Jrob.

Oh yeah Jrob is on the right.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another fun sesh!

This one is really funny and a first for me. We knew of this smaller rail like 20 or 22 I dont know? I don't count stairs. anyway we showed up to late for good light the day before, because most our time was consumed gettin shots at another secret location that day. So we had already set it up but the sun went down. the problem with this one is The parking lot fills up with people from the resort all day so there is no good time to do it in the day. We broke down the jump and, Yup we Tried it. We coned off the rail just like a construction crew and came back first thing the next morning to find the entire lot full except our little rail. I couldn't belive it worked.

Somehow that looks official, and say's don't park here cause were comin to jib.

The 2 rails camo together but Asa Martinez could write a book on how to do presses. and it would be the one everyone would buy.

It's really hard to capture a hardway 270 with the blog cam but this is the best attempt. Hway by Jrob. This kid is puttin in work!
When your binding breaks for the second day in a row, it seems like a good time to go home for X-mas. Then start it all again.

Baggin' early season handrail shots in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon. This place is nuts when they get snow. No one knew what the hell was going on. Max speed reached by the average car in Eugene was 15mph. Figure living in Florida and then getting 4 inches of snow. Anyways, we spent 2 whole days driving around next to these space cadets. Good to be home.

First up was a quad kink that soon enough got turned into a triple because of drop-in/speed issues. Let's face it, that drop in was a piece...
Here's jNorm almost getting some.

Here he's got it. 50-50 to fakie.

jNorm reppin' the Amplid.

Jon boy got the front board he was looking for. First shot of the season son.

I have nothing clever to say a bout Jonny this time.

Sooooo f'ing sketchy. 41-stairs of heavy shit man.

Jon got the shot for sure, maybe came off a little early for the film but I got a shot that made my trip. Such an intense impact coming off this thing. Props to Jon boy for working at it so hard.

Gotta get a little artsy. Just sent in some medium format shots from this trip, I'll get those back and posted next week.

On a lighter note, here's Sam eating a monster Ray's bagel sandwich. Peace!
pimp myspace
myspace image at Gickr

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nasty little DFD.

A nasty little down flat down. right before destruction.
JRob just couldn't help himself, a couple little switch ups or combos whatever. he owned this thing and it is for sure checked off his list.
yup. Lroy is stoked with the shots!
Leave no trace! dammit. thats the rules. live by them.
Hopefully the blogs soon will be out there in the distance. 1 more storm and its on!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The NC crew hits Cali's Rail Garden

NC Productions, ReBeLs for life!

Sam looking for the dope angle, not the dope.

LeRoy straight putting in work. NC's filmers get down, always helping out the riders.

Frontside 5-0. BadaBing!

Thanks for killing it with the Blog cam Scott. He sacrificed his car for the shots, and still kept a positive attitude; this kid is cool!

Session Over...

Monday, December 15, 2008

1st shot of the season.

We showed up. Jrob was almost done prepping, and we set up our stuff....

10 minutes later JRob had his 1st shot of the season. bs 5050 gap 5-0 nasty! This rail looked gnarly to say the least, then the dang second rail is a good bit above the first one. Jason locked it a couple times and we were out like it was nothing. off to find the next spot.

Terren has got a good one in the bag. check his stuff out, the dood is dope!

(filmer) Sam Tour on the way to Napa for some new wipers. Ace would be proud!
posts from the other crew will be coming in soon. as I hear there just headin out for their first trip too. tell you friends Were makin another movie!!!!! Fuk Yeah!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Heres the b day vid.

I guess the video was gone. well here it is.

JRobs BdaY at Boreal. damn good party!

Have a few of these and call me in the morning.
All sorts of good times when the lifts are open from 9 till 9 , thanks Boreal.

Jason and his homie Ort havin some kickbacks

The Pipe was just layin there it became Jrob and others playtoy for the rest of the night. Jason Nasty little BS Lip.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jeff Hawe Photography

Check out this page on for a great gallery of Jeff Hawe's photos from this past season. Jeff shot with Transworld, NCp and Pirates crew last season so these photos are the goods, check them all out. bunch of shots of the NCp crew.