Sunday, November 23, 2008

08/09 Untitled Release

It's that time of year again, and that's right NCp is making another movie. Who know what the name of this one will be? and simply who cares. someday we'll pick a name but that doesn't matter. What does matter however is how stoked I am to work with all the crew. some old and some new. They all bring something dope to the crew and were stoked to have them.
Here is the Line up:

Lucas Wilson/ Peruvian, So fun, 2010 Olympics?
Brandon Cocard/ Tahoe O.G., Watch out, You'll like this guy.
Skylar Thornton/ Bad ass, Late nights, Early mornings.
Jason Robinson/ Laid back, Mad man, gangsta rap.
Kyle Miller/ Mellow dood, 1st try, now I have a snowmobile!
Jonny Lazzareichi/ Holy shit, Youngster, F*!% you!
Kyle Martin/ Battle rap, Love life, Get shit done.
Vincent Remmel/ Poker, Poker, and snowboard too!
Nicki Weiss/ Eat, Sleep, Go snowboarding.
Jonny Malanga/ Doin doubles, Chill, Let me send it!
Aaron Robinson/ Big mountains, Finer things, Alaska!

Plus many more so keep an eye out.
Check back we will be posting updates as the winter progresses.

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JROB said...

It should be a sick season!