Friday, January 23, 2009

Silverton hut bash.

Fuck 12,000 feet you just cant catch your breath...

Dirksen slashing a roof top in an abandond mining town.

We called this mountain goat of a hut home for a week.

Jake chugged half a half gallon of jack for a thousand big ones lets get the party started

extreme jenga at its best dont mess around foooooooo

Rainy Daze...

were bored in the rain so we just started crusin resorts for rainy rails.
Well years ago we used to hit a sweet little rail right where Miller stands.???

Damit. Now there is a building right there in the way. Miller showing them how he feels.

Jonny Malanga came to town however there is rain... he is always in high spirits. Here he is jibbing some roadside attraction we found. it was kinda set up as a wally type thing at first. switched that shit up a little and went to town. this shot I balanced the blog cam right on my big cam and it came out pretty cool if I may say so.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back in Montana

While most of the US is in the midst of a mid-winter Spring, some small pockets of mountains have held on to a bit of fresh snow. After the recent warm up, I booked it to the nearest, almost promising place, Southern Montana.
There, I met up with photographer Jeff Hawe ( and we had a really fun, productive week in the powder. Here are few photos Jeff took from our trip to Lost Trail Powder Mountain, MT/ID where we met up with the coolest dude ever, Liam Gallagher who was there doing a story about the ski hill for Transworld. 

Snatching some tail, first run in the fresh new Volcom gear.
Method to hold on tight, same run.
Sunny powder.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Junk yard day 2. plus more?

Well I forgot the blog cam today and well... things didn't go our way anyway. We have been waiting out for days to do this new rail we found and today was just the same another car parked at the bottom. Dammit, we were all up early so we (J.Rob, Jonny Malanga, and Miller) decided to cruse up to Boreal for a much needed fun day. Well... we shot all day, but those doods that run Boreal are awesome and got us some tickets so we never mind busting out the cameras for some hot laps. they were good laps today too. sorry I forgot the blog cam so here are some photos from a few days ago.

J.Rob fucked this pole jam up! All sorts of fun moves. Here is a good old method off. Just to make sure you know he's is from the Northwest!

Kyle Miller got bored and started adding more jams. This one turned out pretty sweet. All in all we shot here 2 full days and there were plenty of other features than we got photos of, I think we walked away with some real artsy shit. Some great intros for the movie.

Jason BSRODEO off a tree basher? I think JP would be proud. There were some other good photos too but I downloaded them on to another computer and I guess I don't have them. Nicki Weiss was there killing it and so were good friends Scotty Amoroso and Ethan Guggenheimer plus Jason's youngest brother Sean Robinson. Hope all is well. We got a good week planed so keep checking back.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miller. Jnorm. Handrails. Whiskey.

Kyle Miller and Justin Norman hit one of Tahoe's more famous handrails the other night. Both bagged a few shots for the books after a few scares setting up. Midway setting up security rolls on us so we play the ol' run and hide routine and to our surprise it worked. Security turned around and we kept on going on. Then again mid session, different security guards rolled up on us. Miller and Leroy went down to sweet talk them into a few more hits. By our surprise they were all down for the cause, so they let us keep going. Soon after we found out that the security guy was from Miller's home town in Montana. Small world. F'in Montanans.

This is a handrail.

Leroy puttin in work.

Set up. GTS. Destroy.

Miller and Jnorm celebrating with 7&7.

I Trust Mervin Manufacturing

We made a trip up to Sequim, WA to check out the Mervin factory in all it's splendor. It is so dope, we got walked through the production of a board, by Pos, starting at a stack of 2x4s and ending with the worlds best snowboards. Everyone there was super friendly and inviting, VP of Marketing and Co-founder, Pete Saari, even went as far as sliding across the icy parking lot in his van, ramming into the back of a fellow Mervinite's Honda Pilot just to entertain us. I trust Mervin Manufacturing!

Ready to Roll!

Mo is Stoked!

Mervin recycles more than any other snowboard company. They've even got a biodiesel pump right there at the factory.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

J.Norm and J.Rob hit the streets of Tahoe

Today we had a dope little session on a pretty well known little rail on Lake Tahoe. Everyone walked away with some quality shots. Homie Cameron lost his keys in a mini crevasse during the setup, luckily my little bro cam through with the save, making the crucial find. All in all another good day in Tahoe. Still waiting for some fresh snow though.

Dropping In

J.Norm pimping out the switch frontboard sameway

J.Rob switch nosepress 180 out

Jonny makes front page news on!

Yesterday, Jon Malanga landed himself a full thumbnail spread on the MT Bachelor website. Big props to finally nailing the photo on the day Jon. The photographer is unknown, but wow, whoever it is, then sure know how to capture a moment in time. I sure know what Jonny's new Facebook photo is gonna be!!!! Great coverage Jon, great job. Maybe we'll get a sunset shot on that wall soon Jon and try to blow this photo out of the water. Highly unlikely though.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shredding Pow at the BIG

I was back home in Whitefish Montana for the holidays shredding the Big Mountain with my friends and fam. The snow was amazing, I have so much fun every time I go back home to Montana. It's Great! Here's a little Point Of View edit documenting the fun had thanks to Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boreal night.

Another good night at Boreal.
It wasn't powder. It was shear ice. "Magna-Traction turns ice into powder" Jason Robinson
Here is the video for the night.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tahoe Junkyard Jam

Some of the NC homies hit up Tahoe's Junkyard aka Jibyard. This place is super dope, within this little zone there are dozens of features to jib. We went crazy today, setting up six different things to play on. This place is far from played out. We had so much fun we're going back tomorrow.

A sneaky little homemade to 180 out

My littlest bro came out and got the shot on this dope feature we sessioned.

Chuck Norris backwards spells Sirron Kcuhc. Kyle Miller backwards is Rellim Elyk. Miller switch Chuck.

S/BS/BL switch backside Bruce Lee. this maneuver is difficult to show in a photo.

Miller pole jam Back 360. ride home call your momma

sunny dayz

Well it has been in the 50's every day here in Tahoe. Pretty fucked up! any way our crew will be haeding out soon but right now were just tryin to make the best of a sunny situation.
I went back to this little DFD with JRob and Miller. Jason is stoked, he got a nasty move first try. JRob now reps for 32 Boots and Outerwear.

Miller just swiveling his way to a good start for the year. his first shoot outa the way. 1 shot down.
Then Jason took a good spill. It would have ended most peoples week but he just decided we should chill for the rest of the day. ( chill means go to the hill make a bunch of hot laps through Boreal's park) Video coming soon.
JRob and Nicki Weiss. a long night and with 5 jumps in a row these kids got in some good warm ups.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Up in the Hood

First jump trip for all of us. January 8th... eh. Guess we've been shredding wayyy too much pow. Greedy fuckers we are.

We were supposed to leave early and meet Jon at Hood, but ran into some issues. No caption necessary.

Jon was pissed.

3 hours later...

3 broken shovels later... all good and done.

My beanie turned into an ice helmet.

Sam's beautiful lox were frozen solid.

Next morning...It's always nice to get up early enough to see stuff like this.

The Hood.

Double backys left

and right.

Boot pack for days

Jon boy

Skylar from a far.

and we even had time to poach SkiBowl.

Big ups to Goo for the hospitality in Govy, and throwin down on this jump.