Monday, December 15, 2008

1st shot of the season.

We showed up. Jrob was almost done prepping, and we set up our stuff....

10 minutes later JRob had his 1st shot of the season. bs 5050 gap 5-0 nasty! This rail looked gnarly to say the least, then the dang second rail is a good bit above the first one. Jason locked it a couple times and we were out like it was nothing. off to find the next spot.

Terren has got a good one in the bag. check his stuff out, the dood is dope!

(filmer) Sam Tour on the way to Napa for some new wipers. Ace would be proud!
posts from the other crew will be coming in soon. as I hear there just headin out for their first trip too. tell you friends Were makin another movie!!!!! Fuk Yeah!

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