Friday, December 19, 2008

Another fun sesh!

This one is really funny and a first for me. We knew of this smaller rail like 20 or 22 I dont know? I don't count stairs. anyway we showed up to late for good light the day before, because most our time was consumed gettin shots at another secret location that day. So we had already set it up but the sun went down. the problem with this one is The parking lot fills up with people from the resort all day so there is no good time to do it in the day. We broke down the jump and, Yup we Tried it. We coned off the rail just like a construction crew and came back first thing the next morning to find the entire lot full except our little rail. I couldn't belive it worked.

Somehow that looks official, and say's don't park here cause were comin to jib.

The 2 rails camo together but Asa Martinez could write a book on how to do presses. and it would be the one everyone would buy.

It's really hard to capture a hardway 270 with the blog cam but this is the best attempt. Hway by Jrob. This kid is puttin in work!
When your binding breaks for the second day in a row, it seems like a good time to go home for X-mas. Then start it all again.

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