Friday, December 26, 2008

Jonny Lazz, Middle finger in tha air, screamin FUK tha Police.

Jonny Lazz Welcome to NCp. This is how his first filming trip of the season went.

We had the intention of hitting a sweet double set that we knew about. It was really the only thing on our list of todo's for the day, but our plans were soon foiled.
oh yes, rails can be touchy situation. but mostly the bust was pretty chill except we were all ready to go. cameras set up and all.
top angle to the double line. the second one is a nasty DFD that a few big dogs have hit before.
so were of to a new spot.
SNAP! Busted.
Holy shit we actually had a few shots at the Lawler ledge smack in the middle of the day. this one's tricky, maybe another time. yes busted again.
one more shot and once again, just about shooting time and here comes the man. This one rode a high horse too. boi, you couldn't even talk to this dood. I wonder what some of these asshole's real lives must be like.
Fuck This. and Fuck That. all and all we were at 5 spots today and got nuthing. Every cop said it was cause Jumps are always left up and people never clean up after jibbing. Well god dammit this seems like an easy solution... Learn the rules leave the damn place cleaner than when you came or shit gets fucked up for everyone!!!! sorry guys i was just pissed.

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