Monday, December 29, 2008

just some updates.

Strait Badasses!
This week Rome riders Nicki Weiss and Johnny Lazz sraight got nasty. Watch out for these two this year! fuk yeah! Bloodied but not beaten!
Johnny ready to drop and His homie Kyle Earl Came out and landed damn fine tricks too.
Asa needs new jib boards and now he can just go to the factory. Smokin Snowboards now rep's Asa Martinez since Sapient is now going under. Smokin makes a damn good board I heard.
Truly Hand made near Tahoe. but handmade none the less. seeing that shit makes me want to ride handmade boards forever. it is truly an awesome site to see a snowboard made.
Nicki and Friends, Ethan and Sam after a long hike. but a good reward too! someone has photos i'll find'em.

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