Monday, January 12, 2009

sunny dayz

Well it has been in the 50's every day here in Tahoe. Pretty fucked up! any way our crew will be haeding out soon but right now were just tryin to make the best of a sunny situation.
I went back to this little DFD with JRob and Miller. Jason is stoked, he got a nasty move first try. JRob now reps for 32 Boots and Outerwear.

Miller just swiveling his way to a good start for the year. his first shoot outa the way. 1 shot down.
Then Jason took a good spill. It would have ended most peoples week but he just decided we should chill for the rest of the day. ( chill means go to the hill make a bunch of hot laps through Boreal's park) Video coming soon.
JRob and Nicki Weiss. a long night and with 5 jumps in a row these kids got in some good warm ups.

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