Thursday, January 1, 2009

More good times on New Years!

Vincent threw a grip of crab on the boil before the nights festivities began.

Good times had by all!
B Hayes and his girl sorry I couldn't remember her name (i think i was drunk0) and Mr. Steve Woolworth. oh yes the Califoria Bar. I think they said there was around 60,000 people out in South Lake last night. damn that was a good time!
Me and my babes! Happy new year loves!
Oh yes Me, Sam (Tuor), Ethan, and wait is that Nicki Weiss? I have never seen this dood hammered. He doesn't even drink? or does he? well we all cut loose last night.
Fuk yeah Good Times!

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Kameron said...

Congrats to you! I've been watching ya'll since the beginning....Underdoggz 2 Top doggz...look at you deserve it....hard work, and determination will make any dream happen. Thanks for the inspiration...K