Saturday, January 10, 2009

Up in the Hood

First jump trip for all of us. January 8th... eh. Guess we've been shredding wayyy too much pow. Greedy fuckers we are.

We were supposed to leave early and meet Jon at Hood, but ran into some issues. No caption necessary.

Jon was pissed.

3 hours later...

3 broken shovels later... all good and done.

My beanie turned into an ice helmet.

Sam's beautiful lox were frozen solid.

Next morning...It's always nice to get up early enough to see stuff like this.

The Hood.

Double backys left

and right.

Boot pack for days

Jon boy

Skylar from a far.

and we even had time to poach SkiBowl.

Big ups to Goo for the hospitality in Govy, and throwin down on this jump.