Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Junk yard day 2. plus more?

Well I forgot the blog cam today and well... things didn't go our way anyway. We have been waiting out for days to do this new rail we found and today was just the same another car parked at the bottom. Dammit, we were all up early so we (J.Rob, Jonny Malanga, and Miller) decided to cruse up to Boreal for a much needed fun day. Well... we shot all day, but those doods that run Boreal are awesome and got us some tickets so we never mind busting out the cameras for some hot laps. they were good laps today too. sorry I forgot the blog cam so here are some photos from a few days ago.

J.Rob fucked this pole jam up! All sorts of fun moves. Here is a good old method off. Just to make sure you know he's is from the Northwest!

Kyle Miller got bored and started adding more jams. This one turned out pretty sweet. All in all we shot here 2 full days and there were plenty of other features than we got photos of, I think we walked away with some real artsy shit. Some great intros for the movie.

Jason BSRODEO off a tree basher? I think JP would be proud. There were some other good photos too but I downloaded them on to another computer and I guess I don't have them. Nicki Weiss was there killing it and so were good friends Scotty Amoroso and Ethan Guggenheimer plus Jason's youngest brother Sean Robinson. Hope all is well. We got a good week planed so keep checking back.

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