Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miller. Jnorm. Handrails. Whiskey.

Kyle Miller and Justin Norman hit one of Tahoe's more famous handrails the other night. Both bagged a few shots for the books after a few scares setting up. Midway setting up security rolls on us so we play the ol' run and hide routine and to our surprise it worked. Security turned around and we kept on going on. Then again mid session, different security guards rolled up on us. Miller and Leroy went down to sweet talk them into a few more hits. By our surprise they were all down for the cause, so they let us keep going. Soon after we found out that the security guy was from Miller's home town in Montana. Small world. F'in Montanans.

This is a handrail.

Leroy puttin in work.

Set up. GTS. Destroy.

Miller and Jnorm celebrating with 7&7.

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